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Woodies Drumsticks Classic Spring Hoodie

Woodies Drumsticks Classic Spring Hoodie

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Woodies Classic Logo Spring Hoodie

Perfect for the springtime hoodie that's not too heavy. Worried that your girlfriend will steal this hoodie after you just rocked a three hour jam sesh in your buddy's basement after a hard days work? Think again. This thing will immediately add credibility to your life.

Great Places to Wear the Woodies Classic Logo Hoodie:

Job Interview? They just handed you the keys to the company.

Wedding? Be prepared to be handed a microphone to officiate. Because you're the best dressed person there (by far).

Fancy Steak Dinner? Yes. 

Funeral? Okay, that's too far. Get a suit.

You get the point. When you wear anything with the Woodies logo on it, you're making a statement. A statement that you take your craft seriously, but you don't take yourself too seriously. And life is too short to be a prick.

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