About Us

My name is Steve. I started Woodies Drumsticks because I couldn't identify with the brands that were out there, nor could I find a stick that truly felt like it was for me and my style. I've been drumming my entire life and a pop-punk kid at heart. My style is very hard, fast (and a little sloppy). And I wanted a stick to match it. 

I started with our Woodies Signature 5B Long accompanied with extra length, and a shorter taper to allow for a top heavy feel that allowed me to hit harder and go through fewer sticks. I also get better action from my crashes, ride hits, and snare cracks. The rounded tip is just the icing on the cake and gives me a more pronounced "punch" on every hit. My mom also really likes them.

I take the business very seriously, but not myself. I can't thank you enough for making the effort to come to this website, and if you do choose to buy from us - damn. We really appreciate it.


Rock On,


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