Woodies FAQ's

As a new business, everyone here at the company wears a lot of hats. So in an effort to be as efficient and transparent with our customers as possible, we've tried our best to think of questions you might ask and answer them here.


Did you really only launch with one size of drumstick, you newbie?

-Kind of rude of you to ask that way honestly, but yes. We are launching with the 5B Long's only. Once they sell out, we will be adding new sizes and styles for our next batch!

What kind of wood is the 5B Long made out of?

-Ask your mom. I mean, American Hickory.

Do you ship Internationally?

-We do! Our backend shipping partners should automatically find the cheapest shipping option on international orders and default to that. It's definitely on the pricier side right now, but I'm hoping to find ways around that in the very near future! 

What if I have a a question about my order?

-Email hello@woodiesdrumsticks.com for all customer service questions!

 How soon does an order ship once I place it? I HAVE A SHOW THIS WEEKEND!

-Any order placed before 6:00 pm EST will be shipped out that day. IF you need them rush ordered, please email hello@woodiesdrumsticks.com and include *RUSH PLEASE* in the subject line and we'll do our best to work with you if we can! *an extra fee may be incurred.

Can I get endorsed?

-We have an affiliate/endorsement program you can sign up for here! When you are an affiliate, you get PAID $2 per pair of stick you sell. Instead of just a cheaper price to buy them from us. We'd rather YOU make the money based on your efforts.

We only have one size right now. So an endorsement in the way most people think of one doesn't make sense if you need to force yourself to play our one size. Right?

Can I get my name custom printed on one of your sticks?

-As of right now, no. Though, we may be able to do something down the line.

Do you own any other shirts or pants? You wear the same thing every video?

-That's super inappropriate. But no, I do not own anything else.

Have you ever considered acting professionally? You're really good.

-Wow, where are these questions heading?

How much is a 5,000 lb pneumatic forklift worth with a triple stage mast, sideshifting fork positioner with 200 hours?

-Oh my God, call me right now. 

How do you stay productive at work?

-I wear adult diapers. Allows me to be at the peak of productivity at work. You have to go take BATHROOM BREAKS? Pshhh... please. I make a mess in my pants all day and work circles around you.

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